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The way to crush quota

 is with Flockta®

Icons_Salespeople Ramp-UP Faster.png

Salespeople Ramp-UP Faster

Icons_Busywork Eliminated.png

Busywork Eliminated! – Salespeople are Happy

Icons_Prospect Return Calls.png

Prospect Return Calls

Icons_Crush Quotas.png

Crush Quotas

Icons_Improve Salespeople Retention.png

Improve Salespeople Retention

Icons_Salespeople Become Highly Efficient and Effective.png

Salespeople Become Highly Efficient and Effective

Icons_Do it all with Less People.png

Do it all with Less People

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By automating sales prospecting research, prioritization, and crafting personalized pin-pointed messages, Flockta enables salespeople to focus on the most important task - customer face-time interactions

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Flockta’s market-leading Autonomous Sales Assistant AI handles the sales heavy-lifting jobs of prospect research and personalized content crafting. The unique, pinpointed prescriptive messages stand out and gets meetings with decision-makers. Countless hours of sales busywork are eliminated. New hires ramp up far more quickly, teams are more efficient, quotas are being crushed with less people, salespeople are happier and retention is improved.  

“We Make the Sidekicks Who Makes Salespeople Superheroes®”

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