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Flockta’s purpose

Accelerate innovation adoption


The Most Drastic Impact on Innovation Adoption

With deep understanding of your product from one side, and detail knowhow of the prospect situation, challenges and priorities on the other, Flockta’s market-leading ensemble of AIs bring you and your prospect together at the right time where the need is most pronounce.


Flockta vision:

Enhance human achievements trough accelerating innovation adoption by connecting creators and users at the right time.


Flockta mission:

To build AI-powered automation platform that understand products, and user needs, and automates creators-users connection, enhancing innovation acceptance.

We are transforming the way creators find and connect with their prospects

Flockta use the transformative power of AI to liberate salespeople from their busywork—and drive profitable growth for the enterprise.

The autonomous sales assistant AI handles the sales heavy-lifting jobs of prospect research and personalized content crafting. Countless hours of sales are eliminated and salespeople are free to focus on higher level tasks of face-to-face interactions with their prospects and understand better their needs and tailor the right solutions for them.

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Our Values


Trust & Respect

Co-workers, partners


Excellence Deliver Success

Make it a habit


Act Big

Initiate. Innovate. Be bold



Assume responsibility

Connect with Us,

 We’ll connect you to your prospects!

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